Review: Not The Rolling Stones at Society

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In terms of tribute bands, they are either really good or really awful. I’m pleased to say that the Not The Rolling Stones fell into the former category.

From the first notes of Honky Tonky Women wafting across Society, you knew that you were going to be in for a great night out.

The band have been rocking out and entertaining crowds ever since Keef Le Reef spotted Mike Jagger (who starred in BBC2’s Double Take) and tracked him down to Wales. The rest was history and the legend that is Not The Rolling Stones was born.

When ‘Mick’ came swaggering onto the stage the resemblance was uncanny. He had the presence and gestures of Sir Mick down to a T. All the old favourites were given an outing from You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Little Red Rooster. Get Off My Cloud, which had the audience singing along, and my personal favourite Ruby Tuesday. And yes, it did make me shed a tear.

After a small break, the band were back on stage to whistles and applause. After a costume change from Mick – it is not many people that can rock a top hat – the music continued.

Dancing to brown Sugar and Start me Up, it was clear that the crowd were loving the band and could have quite happily danced all night long. But all too soon, it was time for the band’s last track - Satisfaction.

From start to finish, the band captured the sound and energy of the Rolling Stones. I would have wanted a bit more ‘grrr!’ from keef but then there is only one Keith Richards.

And as the music died away and the band departed the stage the crowd were left wanting more and I’ll admit, they took a part of my heart with them. After all, it may only be rock n roll but boy, do I like it!