Review: Porky The Poet; Apologist Now

Phil Jupitus on stage at Liquid Rooms as Porky The Poet (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Phil Jupitus on stage at Liquid Rooms as Porky The Poet (Pic: Cath Ruane)

Porky The Poet - Apologist Now

Liquid Rooms Annexe (Venue 276), 5.20 p.m.

Some Fringe shows have to go in search of an audience. In Phil Jupitus’ case, he had to go and round’ em up as we were lost in the warren of rooms leading to the Liquid Rooms!

We’d walked from the Cowgate, up Victoria Street to the main door only to be sent down the wee side alley all the way back to where we’d come from … cheers!

And even then it was a mystery exactly where the show was being staged.

But it was worth it.

‘’Congratulations on passing the first initiative test’ he said before taking to the stage for an hour of superb poetry.

Jupitus puts more into the festival than any other performer, and that includes this fabulous free show - one which draws bigger crowds than many on the Fringe.

He’s a fabulous wordsmith, one I could happily listen to every day over a beer. Sharp, smart, engaging and funny, he draws on events around him to create some wonderful poetry - his observations on wandering the city on the night of the referendum were fantastic, and his poem on going to the home town of the father he never met had a stinging pay off line.

Each day he also adds a new ten-line poem based entirely on titles of shows playing at the Fringe, pulled together to highlight a theme or observation - in this case, one was on the 70th anniversary or Hiroshima, and another was on seeing a stiletto shoe abandoned on a set of railings in the city.

A smashing show - one worth catching more than once.