REVIEW: Rock Anthems: Rothes Halls

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For those about to rock, Allan Crow salutes you ... but just wishes you’d rocked out a bit more

Rothes Halls

TAKE your pick from the great rock songbook of the past four or five decades and you simply can’t go wrong.

That’s the premise behind ‘Rock Anthems’ which played Rothes Halls on Friday night.

So why didn’t it, er, rock?

In common with almost every other person in the hall I knew every guitar solo off by heart, but it still didn’t quite have me reaching for my air guitar.

GaGa - the Queen tribute act behind ‘Rock Anthems’ - cherry picked the best of Dire Straits, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Queen, Clapton, Prince, Hendrix and Deep Purple, to name but a few, but, for me, something was missing, namely a frontman.

GaGa are a three-piece outfit which share the vocal duties. Fair enough - Rush made a pretty decent career out of being a trio - but that leaves a chunky big hole centre stage where any self-respecting frontman should be to work the crowd and build the atmosphere.

And it kinda suffered because of that.

Opening with ‘Smoke On The Water’ I fully expected the lead singer to make the usual ‘late’ entrance, stand in the spotlight and rock ... but none came.

Instead three guys - no names, no introductions, still don’t know who they were - simply rattled through the rock standards with the minimum of fuss or flair. Purple lights for ‘Purple Rain’ pretty much summed up the stage setting.

The audience liked it rather than loved it.

And I guess that’s why this just didn’t rock the way it should have done.

Great songs without a doubt, but I’ve heard them delivered better.