REVIEW: Showaddywaddy - sweet little rock & roll

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A full house and a great show by the 70s pop stars, writes Allan Crow

IT was like dropping the needle of a record player on to the first track of a greatest hits compilation, and instantly it was 1976 all over again.

Good music, regardless of when it was first recorded, never loses its appeal, which is why Showaddywaddy can still play to a sold out Rothes Halls 40 years on. Indeed there was even talk of waiting lists while as many people as possible were squeezed on to the balcony.

But this was no lazy wallow in nostalgia - it was as fresh and wonderfully entertaining a live show as you’ll see this year.

The band worked their socks off from start to finish, and delivered a cracking show which mixed their own greatest hits with some of the very best songs from the 50s - those instantly recognisable doo-wop classics which everyone knows word perfect, and which get any audience up dancing.

They clearly had fun and the audience had fun. Throw in some sweet harmonies and the fact they are all top notch musicians and you had the ingredients for a great night out.

They were dancing in the aisles, on the balcony and on stage as 20 or 30 fans ended up part of the show, and the buzz really didn’t diminish all evening - the sight of some folk dressed in the teddy boy style of the band just added to the occasion.

As for the music, well, the 70s was many things but it did produce some perfect three-minute pop songs which still sound fresh four decades later - everything fom ‘When’ to ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ and ‘Three Steps To Heaven’ had the audience out of their seats.

Showaddwaddy in 2013? Why not? Sometimes all you need is a great night out.

Allan Crow