Review: Step back in time to some delicious food

Retros, Dunfermline
Retros, Dunfermline

Retros Restaurant, 41 Carnegie Drive, Dunfermline

If you are looking for something that little bit different when eating out with family or friends, then look no further that Retros Bar and Restaurant in Dunfermline.

Having been open less than a year, Retros is slowly gaining a name as being a fun place that offers great and quirky-named food.

What more can you ask for?

Shimmying along at the weekend, the place was busy and had a really good party atmosphere with great music.

Having a look at the fun menu, I felt I was spoilt for choice but finally settled on prawn cocktail while my fellow diner opted for the potato skins with dipping sauce.

There was certainly no complaint with the food. Both dishes were delicious and cooked to perfection.

Once they filled a wee hole, it was time to move on to the main course.

The mains are all named after ‘80s movies and bands, continuing with the retro vibe.

I went with Spandau Ballet (chicken burger) resisting the urge to sing Gold at every opportunity, and my companion chose King Kong (steak and ale pie).

The food was really tasty and you really got a bang for your buck. The plates weren’t too laden with food, but there was enough to make you think, ‘I’m not going to eat all that’. But I did, and I enjoyed every bite.

A wee rest before the pudding gave us time to have a good look at what temptations were on offer and to enjoy some of the classic tunes.

I admit I squealed with delight in noticing that my all-time favourite - sticky toffee pudding - was on the menu. An easy choice for me while my dining partner decided on the knicker bocker glory. Vintage at its best.

Again, you couldn’t fault the desserts. Each dish, as with all those throughout the evening, was beautifully presented and tasted amazing. A good night was had by all.

If you’re looking for good food in a great surrounding that Retros should be your first choice. The food is great as is the service, the staff are friendly and nothing is too much hassle.

The atmosphere of the restaurant will leave you in a fantastic mood and you’ll be looking in your diary for the next time you’re free to return.


Warm smoked salmon

Potato skins and sauce

Prawn cocktail

Haggis with whiskey sauce

Retro-style hedgehog with cheese, sausage and pineapple for two


King Kong - steak and ale pie

Gregory’s Girl - Balmoral chicken

Jaws - seafood linguini

The Birds - duck a l’orange

Mary Poppins - macaroni cheese

Tommy - wild mushroom risotto

Duran Duran- classic burger

Dracula - rib-eye steak


Fruit crumble


Chocolate fudge cake

Pineapple upside down cake