Review: The Doors Alive

Willie Scott'' lead singer withThe  Doors Alive
Willie Scott'' lead singer withThe Doors Alive

The Doors Alive is quite possibly the best tribute act to anyone anywhere.

From start to finish at their Society gig on Friday, they were astonishingly good.

Opening the show with When The Music’s Over, the band sounded incredibly full and put together and Willie Scott is jaw-droppingly authentic in the role of Jim Morrison. With his rich baritone voice and his charismatic stage presence, it is as close to the real deal as you are going to get.

Instrumentally, the band was impressive and they battered through The Doors’ well loved hits including Break On Through, L.A. Woman, Five To One and Roadhouse Blues. The set list was a slice of heaven.

Every member of the band had their moment to shine during the show, with guitarist Baz Meyer’s solo during Light My Fire, one of the main highlights of the entire evening.

With hundreds of gigs under their belts and having played around the world, the band certainly know their stuff and it’s hard to pick any faults. If someone put a gun to your head the only thing that you could say was that they weren’t on the stage long enough.

The whole production is nothing but professional and even some well established bands could learn a thing or two from The Doors Alive.

I think that it would be easy for this band just to walk on stage and sing the songs that everyone knows and send the audience home happy at the end of the evening, but they don’t. Instead the give it their all. The band are spot on track after track and Willie Scott just oozes charisma and sex appeal as Morrison.

It would be hard to find a more credible, authentic and talented act. The Doors Alive is simply fantastic and if you haven’t seen them before, you are definitely missing a treat.