Review: The Meat Loaf Story

The Meat Loaf Story comes to the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline
The Meat Loaf Story comes to the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

Can it really be nudging the best part of 40 years since ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ first slipped into our record collections?

Jim Steinman’s epic production launched the man we came to know as Meat Loaf in his full rock ‘n’ roll glory.

It still sells in healthy numbers every year which perhaps explains ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ parts two and three as well as versions with orchestras, and numerous live shows.

The man himself hasn’t toured for a few years, so this jukebox musical tribute fills a Loaf-sized hole for those who enjoy their rock revved up and ever so slightly over the top, and featuring songs with titles which are longer than some boy band careers last, and containing more brackets than an entire shelf in B & Q.

It’s also a natural follow-up from its creator Steve Steinman - the man who gave us ‘Vampire Rock’ which welded a whole bunch of rock standards, everything from Whitesnake to Suzi Quatro’s ‘Devilgate Drive’, around a rather hokey plot.

And telling the Meat Loaf story at the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline he has plenty to work with - bankruptcy, ill health, barn-storming albums, epic comebacks, even bigger choruses and solos ... and those are just the highlights as we celebrate the life and times of the big man from Texas.

Steinman knows how to work a crowd and soon has them up and out of their seats as he cherrypicks some slices of musical Loaf - from ‘Life Is A Lemon’ to ‘Objects In the Rearview Mirror’ and a healthy chunk of ‘Bat’ as well.

The first half zinged along, the second was more top heavy with the big overwrought ballads which are Jim Steinman’s trademark, but it was still a fun show - some humour, some audience interaction, and everyone out of their seats for the finale of ‘Bat Out Of Hell.’ Well, how else could you end the show?