Review: The Showstoppers Improvised Musical

The Showstoppers Improvised Musical
The Showstoppers Improvised Musical

It’s not every night that you go to the theatre and see a brand new, never seen before, musical.

But that’s exactly what The Showstoppers brought to Rothes Halls on Thursday night as part of the Fife Comedy Festival.

‘Gumbo!’ a story of love and oil set in the swamps of Louisiana.

The whole musical is created live on stage before your eyes, with the audience providing the material for the actors and musicians to work with.

The entire show is improvised by the actors and musical director.

Suggestions for settings included a Patagonian sheep farm, the Wailing Wall in Israel and the Rainforest in Brazil.

However it was the Louisiana swamps that took the audience’s fancy most.

And around this the musical was born.

Inspiration was taken from the audience’s favourite musicals including all singing all dancing

The cast even personalised the musical for some, with young audience member Sarah having a character named after her and Bethany - who managed to scream rather loudly - was the name given to the swamp.

Having seen The Showstoppers before at the Edinburgh Fringe I knew what to expect in terms of quality, and I wasn’t disappointed.

These people have a tremendous talent, bringing together an hour long musical from a few random suggestions.

The high standards are guaranteed with this company, but one thing you never know until you get there is what the musical is going to be about that night.

Every show is different and it’s all down to the audience in that particular venue on the night.

If you get the chance to see them in future, it’s a show definitely not to miss.