Revving up to make ‘2fast’ an annual event in heart of town

The event in Kirkcaldy last year
The event in Kirkcaldy last year

The team that brought thousands of cars and people to Kirkcaldy last month have lined up another event - and they also hope to make a return to the Esplanade.

Organisers Colin Neilson and James Stephen have teamed up with Knockhill racing course to hold a ‘Paul Walker Fest’ at the track on September 21 - a tribute to the ‘Fast and Furious’ actor who 
died in a crash on November 30.

And Colin (25), who works at Amazon in Dunfermline, revealed that preliminary talks have been held with Fife Council officials to hold another ‘2Fife 2 Furious’ event in 
the Lang Toun later this year - and turn it into an annual event.

He said: “Knockhill was planning its own event but once it saw what we had done in Kirkcaldy, and the huge turn out we had, it contacted us to see if we could work together.

“It is doing ‘Superlap Scotland’ so we’re holding the tribute at the same time as that so it will be a double event.”

Colin, who is part of Team VIP, said that the huge numbers which turned up for the first Paul Walker tribute took him completely by surprise.

“It was planned at the end of September as a private meet,” he continued.

“We’d planned for about 300 at the most which is what we normally do - it’s enough to contain it.

“Then, less than a week before the event, Paul Walker died so we thought we’d make it a tribute - he was an idol for a lot of people. When we announced that it was to be tribute to him it went viral.”

Colin admits that there was some disruption to locals and wants to make sure that a repeat is better organised.

“People who live on the seafront wouldn’t have known about it if they hadn’t seen it in the paper or if they’re not on Facebook. It would have been a disruption and I understand that. A lot of cars turned up and there was a lot to 
contend with.

“We want to make the next Esplanade meet as family oriented as possible. There were elderly couples at the event in Kirkcaldy who came down and enjoyed it and we want to make it a more organised thing rather than just a free-for-all.

“I’ve already spoken with a local councillor, but nothing is set in stone. We are planning to hold more talks at the end of the month to see if we can get the ball rolling. If it’s properly planned, with a committee, and people know about it then there shouldn’t be too much of problem making it an annual event.”