Right-of-way fully open to villagers

Anthony Garrett
Anthony Garrett

IT’S taken 23 years, but an important local path between a village and a hamlet has finally become fully fit for public use.

The right of way between Falkland and Newton - running north of the B936, and also known as the Laich Road - has now been upgraded to allow parents with prams to make the journey to and fromthe primary school in safety.

The existence of the right of way had not been contested, but it was impassable at some points and was unfit for certain types of use by local people.

When Falklandand Newton of Falkland Community Council persuaded Fife Council to take action, the path was upgraded in 2010, but there were still two stretches which remained unsuitable for parents with prams in particular.

It’s taken a further three years since then for the two stretches to be brought up to the required standard.

Anthony Garrett, chairman of the community council, said he was delighted with the upgrade to the right of way.

“This is an extremely valuable right of way because it allows parents with young children to take them safely to Falkland Primary School, avoiding using the narrow pavement along the B936 which has a lot of fast moving traffic.

“Much of the credit for maintaining the struggle is owed to Hazel Philp, from Falkland, who has worked tirelessly over the years to have the path upgraded.

“We also acknowledge the support of the council‘s outdoor access team and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust Ranger Service.”

Marion Robb, another community council member, added: “The pavement along the B936 is a nightmare for anyone trying to take children to school, particularly with a pram.

“The Laich Road is a far safer route for all pedestrians and we are glad that at long last it is fit to use.”

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