‘Right place, time and the right job’

RAF Leuchars main gate.
RAF Leuchars main gate.

Local MP Sir Menzies Campbell has again written to Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox outlining the defence case for retaining an RAF presence at Leuchars.

Sir Menzies also warned against bowing to pressure from the army to place troops returning from Germany in north east Fife.

He wrote: “I am aware that progress is being made towards decisions about the future of RAF bases in Scotland.

“It is also generally understood that any base which ceases to be used by the RAF may be occupied by army units instead.


“May I urge you to ensure that strategic considerations are pre-eminent in any decisions.”

He went on: “The preferences of army commanders should not take precedence over the primary strategic responsibility of the government to guard and protect its citizens.

“It is being suggested that the army’s preference to be located at Leuchars, rather than elsewhere in Scotland, should be a determining factor in whether RAF Leuchars closes or not.

“With that suggestion I profoundly disagree.”

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore will meet Dr Fox next week to discuss the progress of the defence review — including the status of RAF Leuchars.

Sir Menzies believes Leuchars has consistently demonstrated its suitability for protecting the UK’s northern airspace.

He finished his letter: “Leuchars was not selected for that task by chance, but by virtue of its geographical location.


“Leuchars is in the right place at the right time doing the right job.

“The strategic imperative of the effective air defence of the northern half of the United Kingdom should not be subordinated to questions of convenience of access for the army.”