RMT suspend Scotrail industrial action

Rail union RMT confirmed today that, following a meeting of representatives, all industrial action on Scotrail has been suspended to allow further talks to take place.

The full decision of the union executive is:

“That we note that a Meeting has taken place with our elected Representatives and Lead Officer in Scotland to discuss the recent proposals from Scotrail over DOO/DCO, further we note that it is the majority view our negotiating team that all further Industrial action should be suspended to allow for further talks to take place with the company.

“We therefore instruct the general secretary to Suspend all pending Strike Action And Action Short Of Strike, further we instruct the general secretary to arrange an urgent meeting with Abellio Scotrail to discuss platform interface (Platform train despatch procedures) with the ASLE&F in attendance.

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“All further developments to be placed back before this NEC.”

Mick Cash, RMT general secretary, said: “The union has made sufficient progress to enable us to suspend the current programme of industrial action on Scotrail to allow for further detailed discussions on the issue of platform train despatch procedures. Our colleagues from ASLEF will be involved in those discussions with the company.

“The progress we have been able to make in this dispute is entirely down to the resilience, determination and strength of our Scotrail members who have taken wave after wave of rock-solid action in defence of rail safety. They are a credit to the entire trade union movement.”