Road chiefs promise action to curb crashes

Leven Road, looking from Kennoway.
Leven Road, looking from Kennoway.

A NEW look will be given to a busy Levenmouth road in the hope of cutting down on accidents.

Fresh road markings are to be laid on the B933 between Kennoway and Leven to make drivers more aware of the route’s layout.

A survey was carried out earlier this summer after concern from residents about the number of vehicles involved in collisions or leaving the road.

Findings have been passed to police and, after the road markings are down – which is expected to be in around two months’ time – another speed survey will take place.

Back in May, the Mail reported on the fears of nearby farm residents about the frequency of accidents.

Neighbours believed they were happening around the rate of one a month, but many were not reported.

A collision in December between a car and a bus tragically caused the death of 47-year-old Rosemary Fairbairn, from Kennoway, and residents appealed to Fife Council for some kind of action to curb the risk of any more fatal crashes.

One of the householders, Elaine Gillon, said there had been over a dozen accidents near the farm properties in the three years she and her husband had lived there.

The Gillons and their neighbours believed excessive speed was a factor in many cases, with screeching brakes and skidding vehicles often heard outside residents’ doors.

Some vehicles had rolled over into the fields, while a car ended up in the trees after a not-so-happy start to the new year.

In mid-May, residents finally spoke out after a head-on crash involving a car and a van, which caused a fuel spillage across the road.

The speed survey they hoped for was carried out in June and, according to Ian Smith, traffic management lead officer for Mid Fife, it offered findings “appropriate for this type of derestricted road”.

The average speed was in the mid-40s mph, he said.

Around 85 per cent of motorists surveyed kept to the low 50s mph, with the other 15 per cent travelling faster.

“Police have been sent the details of the survey to assist in their operations on this road and some alterations to the road markings are proposed to help increase driver awareness of the road layout,” added Mr Smith.

“These works are planned to be on the ground in late October/early November.

“Following the completion of the works, a further speed survey will be carried out as part of the ‘after’ monitoring of the impact of the proposed alterations.”