Road costs delay is just not good enough

Entrance to Lomond Quarry, Leslie
Entrance to Lomond Quarry, Leslie

A Glenrothes councillor has voiced criticism over Fife Council’s handling of a road maintenance obligation in Leslie.

The local authority is still to agree with the owners of Lomond Quarry the proportion of the costs for resurfacing work, which is due to commence next month, some three months after negotiation began and seven months since the inspection was carried out.

Councillor John Wincott told the Gazette the hold-up is unacceptable could delay the vital road improvements.

Cllr Wincott said: “My understanding is the total cost of works is over £90,000, of which a proportion is to be borne by the company.

“Given there is data on HGV movements in and out of the quarry, and the primary damage to the road is caused by HGVs, then I would have hoped this would be a relatively straight forward exercise.”

He added: “This needs to be sorted out as soon as possible so the work can be programmed.”

The Gazette revealed in June 2014 that Fife Council enforcement officers had overlooked previous maintenance obligations since the planning consent first came into force in August 2012.

Responding to the latest delay, Jim Birrell, senior planning manager, said: “We’re in discussions with the Skene Group because it is querying the proportion of the cost we’ve asked it to pay, which it is entitled to do under the terms of the Section 96 agreement we have with it.

“We hope to reach agreement as soon as possible.”