Road diversions for Kate Kennedy procession

1709c68 kate kennedy
1709c68 kate kennedy

There will be some disruption to traffic flow in central St Andrews tomorrow (Saturday) when the annual Kate Kennedy procession takes place.

Recording life in St Andrews and its university through the centuries, it will involve more than 100 characters in authentic dress depicting the people and events which have shaped local history, including the founders of the university, rectors and scholars, as well as political, religious and local figures.

Heading the procession in an open, horse-drawn carriage will be Lady Kate Kennedy, accompanied by her uncle, Bishop James Kennedy, founder of St Salvator’s College, the oldest in the university.

Organised by the student Kate Kennedy Club in aid of local charities, the procession purports to herald the start of spring and is a symbol of youth and of hope.

Local police have advised motorists that the event will inevitably impact on traffic flows throughout St Andrews and drivers are advised to avoid the area for a time and take advantage of peripheral car parks or use public transport rather than drive into the town centre.

The procession will leave from St Salvator’s Quadrangle in North Street at 2pm.