Rocker on writing roll

Glenn Falconer
Glenn Falconer
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THE former frontman with famous Fife rockers, Highlander, has turned his hand from writing songs to penning novels.

Glenn Falconer has recently finished his fourth book which was launched at Dunnikier Golf Club, Kirkcaldy.

With three supernatural thrillers under his belt, he has turned his attention to the Olympics for ‘Jymi Nastix’

Glenn, 59, collaborated with Ross McLellan from Adam Smith College for the ‘Animation Games.’

He said: “It’s about a guy trying to win medals in the competition and at the same time get the attention of one of the female commentators.

“It was something a bit different for me as I usually write supernatural thrillers.

“With the Olympics coming up I got this thing in my head about a funny cartoon on what I’ve called the ‘Animation Games’.

The musician turned writer picked up his pen in semi-reitrement.

“When people have asked me when I started writing I would maybe have said two years ago, but I recently went and looked back through some of my memorabilia and found stories I wrote in the 1980s.

“I used to write them for fun and for the guys in the band.

“To be honest I think I’ve always written, but not seriously.

“With music in my life at that time I put it on the back burner, but now it’s a natural progression.

“I have written three story books which are all supernatural thrillers, but I like to use a bit of dark comedy too.

“They were called ‘A Job in Limbo’, ‘The House that Wept’ and ‘In the Village of the Moon’.’’

Glenn was pleased with how his first ever book launch event went last Wednesday.

“It went pretty well, and because it was my first launch I was worried about getting enough people along, but there was a good turn out.

“It was a good night and I met a lot of new people through it - it raised awareness of my work.”

Glenn is still involved in music, working behind the scenes with his own studio at home, but he’s keen to continue with the novel writing and self-publishing his work through ‘Scaryme’.

He added: “I’m working on two or three other ideas at the moment and I’m hoping to have another launch around December time.

“I’ve done the dark humour, supernatural and I’ve tried the comedy, but now I’m trying to write something a bit more serious without the humour.”