Rockin’ around the Christmas tree at St Monans’ Santa show

'Hippies' at St Monans Primary School's Christmas show 'Santa Claus - the Musical'
'Hippies' at St Monans Primary School's Christmas show 'Santa Claus - the Musical'

St Monans Primary School pupils took audiences on a magical ride to the North Pole for their performances of ‘Santa Claus – The Musical’ at St Monans Town Hall.

The two shows were packed with dance and music from different genres as Santa’s special elves tried to help him change his image.

P1-2 pupils were the workshop elves getting ready for Christmas Day, trying to cheer Santa up with their upbeat dance to ‘Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night’. P6-7s donned surfing gear to try to convince him that ‘Surfin’ USA’ would turn him into the coolest Santa.P4-6 took him to the ‘80s and the kids from ‘Fame’. Santa was then visited by a group of punks and hippies from P2-4 who definitely clashed but united for a peaceful climax.

Finally, Santa decided to go for the rock ‘n’ roll look, complete with leather jacket and jeans, but this did not go down well with local children or other special guests at the North Pole party of the year. So Santa’s image was saved by the Christmas Fairy (Elena Hughes) to ensure a happy ending and a very happy audience.

Parents helped with amazing costumes and scenery was designed and completed by local artist Martin Salvage, with some support from other locals. Santa Claus (James Grant, P6) gave a lovely singing performance of ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’ and Mrs Claus (Katie Wason,P7) was very convincing as the frustrated ‘other half’ just wanting Christmas to be the same as ever. The six special elves were played by Mya Horsburgh, Emily Kelly, Blythe Taylor, Ciaran Muir, Jamie Scott and Rebecca Clark.