Ronnie’s salon style proves a cut above the rest

Ronnie Marshall.
Ronnie Marshall.

A global haircare company has invited a Kirkcaldy hairdresser to join an elite squad of top stylists.

Ronnie Marshal, owner of Byron, will be taking part in training and shows all over Britain as a L’Oréal ‘Guest Artist’.

The salon was buzzing with excitement when the news came through that the company had contacted Ronnie to offer him the new role as a L’Oréal Guest Artist and inviting him into a small group of top UK hairdressers.

Reckoned to be among the best in the world, they are given the role of educating others stylist from across the UK.

Currently, just three Scottish salons can claim to have a L’Oréal Guest Artist in their ranks.

Ronnie, backed by the Byron creative team, will now be involved in many of the manufacturer’s key training seminars.

“There is something wonderful about educating others in something you love,’ said Ronnie, who has been part of L’Oréal’s EDit team for the past three years.

“It is great to engage with others who are keen to learn, and I am convinced it makes me and everyone on my own team better hairdressers.

“I’m very excited to have earned this promotion into the major league alongside some of the UK’s best ever stylists, such as Trevor Sorbie.”

Over the past three years, the response to Ronnie and the Byron team’s teaching has been impressive, with nearly 90 per cent of attendees at his one-day courses reporting they learned much more than they expected, while nearly 70 per cent described his course as excellent.

“It is hugely satisfying when those learning are so positive about my teaching,” said Ronnie.