Roof replacement plans given the green light

PROPOSALS to carry out significant repairs to the roof at Methilhill Primary School have been rubber stamped.

In April this year, vandals attacked the school and stole lead from the roof which lead to parts of the building being flooded.

Ultimately, it was decided that the school should be closed while repairs are made, including the altering the roof to create a steeper pitch as well as installing new windows and aluminium sheeting.

At their monthly meeting in Carberry House, Leven on Wednesday, councillors agreed to press on with the repair programme and also allow 10 temporary classrooms to be created at Buckhaven High School to accommodate pupils.

The temporary accommodation will be in use from March 2012 until December 2012.

Councillor Andrew Rodger said: “I hope we’re looking at ways to make the building a bit more secure this time so this doesn’t happen again.

“I’m sure that the police will help us protect this because it is a major investment.”