Rovers’ Zombie movie progressing well

The zombies are coming!
The zombies are coming!

A LARGE crowd is gathered in Kirkcaldy town centre waiting on their local football team bringing home the European Cup - but the fact this glorious team is made up of zombies takes the craziness and comedy to a whole new level!

This is the opening scene of comedy mockumentary ‘Wraith Rovers’, which is due to begin filming in Kirkcaldy in early September.

Some of those behind Wraith Rovers, a new zombie film.

Some of those behind Wraith Rovers, a new zombie film.

The Press caught up with those behind this exciting project - a tongue in cheek laugh at Scottish football, with Rovers avoiding paying tax by fielding zombies, before going on to conquer Europe.

This madcap movie is the brainchild of award winning producers Bob Carruthers and David McWhinnie, and stars a host of top comics including Paul Sneddon - veteran of four Kirkcaldy Comedy Festivals and best known for his stand-up football characters Vladimir McTavish and Bob Doolally.

Sneddon plays a variety of characters in the film and is one of the talented comics in the writing team, where he is joined by Garry Dobson, Sean Connery impersonator Jock Ferguson and stand-up ‘Teddy’.

Kirkcaldy-born Mr Carruthers is happy with how things are going with Wraith Rovers.

He said: “It’s a run-through of the script just now. ‘‘

We have got a team of comedy writers who are from the stand-up circuit. They know their stuff.

“We are really pleased with the script. We are keen to have a laugh at the nonsense in Scottish Football just now, and this film satirises the lengths that people will go to avoid paying tax - this is a team made up of dead people so they don’t have to pay any tax!’’

The pedigree of writers includes comedians who have written for the long running ‘‘Only An Excuse’’ - ‘‘they know football comedy, and Bob Doolally knows his stuff too” - but there are also strong links to Fife.

Cupar-born comedian Garry Dobson plays Jock Tamson, team manager, the main character who suffers from a form of Tourettes Syndrome known as ‘spoonerisms’, which neatly covers any swearing with a nice comic touch.

It’s a challenge, however, that makes it harder for him to improvise during filming - something encouraged on set.

He said: “I do improv on stage, I have a residency at the Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh where I do it all the time.

“For some of the scenes in this film I may be able to do it, but spoonerisms will be very difficult to do off-the-cuff - so, of all the characters, mine has to be one of the tightest scripted. It makes it quite hard to learn my lines too, but that’s part of the challenge.

“I’m looking forward to the start of filming. It will be exciting and refreshing after a month at the Edinburgh Festival.”

WRAITH Rovers will be premiered at this year’s comedy festival in Kirkcaldy.

It will be shot in town during the event, and then screened as one of the finale highlights - and the scenes will feature many local people.

Filming will take place at Stark’s Park on September 8 and around the town the following day.

Bob Carruthers is glad the film ties-in with the comedy festival’s interactive theme.

He said: “We hope it will form a really good part of the comedy festival. Hopefully it will show that films with a real local agenda can be made. I don’t really care if people outside Kirkcaldy don’t get the joke, as it’s for our comedy festival, and as long as local folk get it, then that’s all that matters.

“We want to do as much stuff as possible that people can get involved in during the festival. The idea is to make it interactive - you don’t just watch the film, you can be in it.

“Many films are now what they call ‘crowd-funded’ so you can come along and take part or just be an extra.’’