Roxy loses battle for life

Sad news emerged yesterday (Wednesday) that Roxy, the plucky little dog who captured the hearts of the community, had reached the end of her life.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 11:04 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:37 pm
Sadly Roxy had to be put to sleep. Pic: Steven Brown
Sadly Roxy had to be put to sleep. Pic: Steven Brown

Owner Paul Flockhart had said all along that when he got a sense that she was suffering, he would let her go and on Tuesday night, with a heavy heart, he made that decision.

With him at the vet was Grace Studders, the Kirkcaldy woman who, when she heard Roxy was gravely ill two weeks ago, she set up a fundraising appeal to raise £1000 to allow beggar Paul to pay for any treatment that might save his four-legged friend or let her to die with dignity.

“She went very peacefully as nothing more could be done for her,” said Grace. “It was very sad and Paul was so upset.”

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Paul and Roxy were a well-known pair at their spot at the underpass at Bell Wynd, just off Kirkcaldy’s High Street.

The black and brown brindle Staffie had a legion of fans of all ages who would stop to stroke her head and chat to Paul and Roxy, who had been Paul’s constant companion since 2010, had an uncanny memory for anyone who had ever slipped her a treat, sitting to attention whenever she saw them.

However, about seven weeks ago Paul (46) was dealt a blow when he noticed her side was swollen – it was an enlarged spleen and it was found she also had cancer in her liver.

Sadly Paul was told that surgery was not advisable.

When Grace was told about it, she decided to try and help and her online justgiving page raised £600 overnight in donations and now stands at £980.

“I’m an animal lover and always stopped to see Roxy when I was passing,” she said. “My heart broke when I was told she was ill and I just decided to do something to help. I’d much rather be called a do-gooder than do nothing.

“My only intention was to raise funds so that any treatment that could save her would be covered or, at the very least, she could pass away without pain. I made it clear any money not needed for Roxy would go to an animal charity.”

The remaining funds will go to Second Chance Kennels, Thornton.