Sacked on Christmas Day

City Link worker Paul Horner, from Kirkcaldy
City Link worker Paul Horner, from Kirkcaldy

A Kirkcaldy man has spoken of being “totally and utterly gutted” after watching BBC news on Christmas Day only to learn his job had been axed.

Paul Horner, a sub-contractor, is among 2000 staff from collapsed UK parcel delivery service City Link facing redundancy on Hogmanay.

Paul Horner from Kirkcaldy who has a City Link delivery van which will now be useless to him

Paul Horner from Kirkcaldy who has a City Link delivery van which will now be useless to him

“I found out on Christmas Day. I’m still pretty numb,” he said.

“I’ve just told my fiancée. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her yesterday. She’s distraught.”

Paul had worked at City Link’s Fife depot in Glenrothes for three years, among a team of 22 people.

He said: “This has happened after they spent money on new uniforms and new scanners.

“Everyone thought we had turned a corner and things would be getting a lot better, but obviously not.”

The troubled firm, which has struggled financially for a number of years, announced it was going into administration on Christmas Day, having called in Ernst and Young to handle the collapse.

The timing of the announcement was branded “disgraceful” by the RMT union, who claimed City Link bosses had been working with insolvency advisors since November.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said it was “shocking” to “spring this announcement once all the Christmas deliveries were completed.”

Mr Cash also said the decision to go into administration was the “bitterest blow any group of workers could receive on Christmas Day”.

He vowed the RMT would do everything within its power to mobilise a political and industrial fight to save the thousands of City Link jobs, including 165 staff and more than 100 contractors across Scotland.

He has demanded an immediate meeting with Vince cable, the Business Secretary, to arrange a plan to salvage the company.

Mr Cash said: “The way it’s happened … that on Christmas Day they’ve done this to our members is disgraceful.”

A skeleton staff will be retained to wind down the company after New Year’s Day, according to RMT.

The union has told its members wages owed up to December 31 would still be paid, but any further payments were not guaranteed.