Sadness as Bob Tails the rescue dog passes away

Carol and Bob Tails
Carol and Bob Tails

An abandoned dog whose return to health earned him a big online following sadly died this week.

Bob Tails was picked up by Carol Conway earlier this year after a friend at the SSPCA told her about the sorry state he was found in.

He was diagnosed as being deaf, partially sighted, suffering from lower back pain, liver trauma, failing kidneys, a ‘mass’ on his spleen and an enlarged prostate gland.

But vets originally reassured Carol that he was not in any great pain and she set up a Facebook page detailing his recovery.

“He took a turn for the worse on Monday so I took him to see the vet and it was decided he should go to sleep,” Carol explained.

“He was a real character and it was fantastic to see him get better over the months and have a little fun towards the end of his life.”

A bungee jump arranged by Carol with nine of Bob Tails’ online supporters will still go ahead to raise money for dog charities.

Carol can be sponsored online at Bob Tails Facebook page at, which has now had more than 1500 ‘likes’.