Sadness at Black Watch uncertainty

The Black Watch regiment is still under threat.
The Black Watch regiment is still under threat.
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“YOU’LL never meet a man who’s more sad about this than me.”

On-going speculation over the future of the Black Watch regiment is causing distress to a proud former recruit.

As the UK Government considers various military cutbacks, which may lead to job losses within the Black Watch, and a possible amalgamation and name change, a veteran of the regiment says it’s time the uncertainty stopped.

Five generations of Methil man Rob Scott’s family, himself included, served with The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 Scots), Mr Scott being part of the regiment between 1959-83.

However Mr Scott, who left the forces as a warrant officer, says he’s being torn apart by the thought that the Black Watch may soon cease to exist in its current form.

He said: “I’m so sad about this.

“My watch strap is of the Black Watch, the tune on my mobile phone is ‘Highland Laddie’ – you’ll never meet a person who’s more sad about this than me.”

Mr Scott is the current secretary and chair of the Black Watch (RHR) Association, a group which looks after soldiers’ welfare.

He said there is a current cloud of doubt hanging over the regiment.

“Nobody quite knows what’s going on,” he said.

“We’ve had one rumour after the other from Ministers of defence.

“It looks like it wants to go down a more Americanised route to save some money.”