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The fire damaged premises of Dysart Sailing Club
The fire damaged premises of Dysart Sailing Club
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SEVEN months after flames destroyed the home of Dysart Sailing Club, members are hoping to take the next step towards restoring the listed building.

The roof of the club’s premises at the village harbour collapsed​ as a result of January’s fire and the rubble remains inside, preventing the club from doing any work on restoring the clubhouse.

Now thanks to funding approved by members of Kirkcaldy area committee, work will be able to start on removing the rubble and gaining access to the property.

Jim Swan, secretary of the sailing club, explained: “The rubble has not been cleared out of the building itself.

“There’s tons and tons of rubble to be moved out.

“It was to cost thousands of pounds to clear out the building, which the club could not afford to pay.


“This money will allow us to clear all the rubble out of the building so we can get the inside inspected to see if the structure is sound.

“They have inspected the external stone walls, but it is a double brick wall and we have been unable to have the internal wall examined yet and it’s obviously taken a lot of the heat.

“We don’t know what that’s like.

“If it’s okay at least we have three walls and there’d be the possibility of putting a temporary roof on so we could at least store some things inside.

“Once we clear the rubble we’ll assess what damage has been done.


“We’ve had a lot of expressions of support from people within the community and it’s greatly appreciated.

“The local community would love to see that building back to how it was.”

The total cost of removing the rubble is £12,800 and Dysart Sailing Club are contributing £1000 towards the costs. Further funding is coming from Fife Council’s property services.

Mr Swan added: “At the moment we are in limbo.

“With this funding we’ll be able to get the ball rolling and we’ll be able to see a road ahead.”