Sainsbury’s have no plans for Glenrothes store

No Sainsbury's store for Glenrothes
No Sainsbury's store for Glenrothes
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Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is not planning to set up business in the town, a spokesman for the company’s planning division has confirmed.

Last week the Gazette incorrectly ran reports that the food retailer had lodged a planning application in principle with Fife Council to build a large store on vacant land adjacent to existing Asda store on Queensway.

After going to press last week Janet Heald, property communications manager, told the Gazette the company had “no plans to build a new store within the town.”

The original 2006 planning application, which has already seen an Asda supermarket built on the site, remains live, and while there has been some recent interest in the original application, this relates to the as-yet undeveloped aspect of the site.

Elspeth Cook, lead officer for Fife Council’s priority application team, confirmed this week that there had been an application to vary the existing conditions on the undeveloped aspect of the original planning agreement, but that these related to an as-yet undeveloped retail park.

She also confirmed that this in no way meant the possible building of another supermarket that the Gazette reported last week.

Fife Council agreed in December 2010 to extend the planning consent to allow further time to progress future development of the remainder of the site.

On the direction of Tullis Russell Group, who still own the undeveloped pocket of land north of Queensway, Glasgow property agent James Barr has lodged an application to vary the existing conditions relating to the undeveloped land.

It is seeking to ease the existing conditions relating to the sale of goods on the site.

The amendment application is expected to come before Fife Council in November.