‘Salami slicing’ budget

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Fife’s Labour politicians have branded the SNP Lib Dem administration’s approach to the budget over the last four years as “salami slicing”.

Councillor Alex Rowley, leader of the Council’s Labour group, said the administration had continuously rejected his party’s proposal.

Having only received a copy of the administration’s budget around half an hour before the meeting began on Thursday, he vowed to scrutinise every service’s budget closely within five months of taking office if Labour win May’s council elections.

Cllr Rowley said: “We set out clearly today a new way of linking budgets to policy priorities, a new way of ensuring that all parties and the wider community of business, industry, the voluntary sector and service users can have meaningful input into the budgets and to setting the priorities of Fife Council.”

He added: “Using tax payers money to support communities, versus dictating to communities, telling them what is good for them. Standing up for Fife and putting people first, versus putting narrow party interests first.

“This is what separates us in this chamber today.”

Fife’s Conservative leader, Dave Dempsey tabled “prudent and radical” budget proposals which were voted down.

The administration’s budget was passed with 36 votes, while the Labour and Conservative alternatives received 20 and five votes respectively.