Salon plea over car parking

Parking spaces shared between Fife Council and a beauty salon are at the centre of a dispute.

Indigo Sun claims its customers can’t get parked because Council staff are taking up all the bays - and that is costing them business.

The salon, on North Street, shares the car park with its local authority neighbour, and claims more and more Council staff are claiming the 61 spaces available.

Now it is calling for some help.

Yvonne Coker, area manager of Indigo Sun, said: “We contacted the Council last May. An email was sent out to all head of services and directories at Fife House asking them to speak to staff about being neighbourly and not using the car park.

“The landlord of the salon has also spoken to the Council on more than one occasion, but it hasn’t made much difference. It’s still an issue.”

Yvonne claims the problems are costing the salon business.

She said: “Customers have told me that once they see that there are no parking spaces, they turn around and leave again.

“It is defintely affecting business, I really don’t know what else to do.”

The Council has reminded workers at Fife House, that they can park on the top floor of nearby Rothesay Place multi-storey car park or use the general town centre car parks.

Steve Quinn, facilities manager, said: “We have no control over where our employees choose to park their cars.

“However, in the interests of being a good neighbour, we have been advising people not to use the car park beside Indigo Sun.

“Our understanding is that the car park is not being supervised as regularly as it once was by the centre’s managing agentswhich may be having an effect on the number of cars parking there.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and encourage our employees to use other car parks available in the area.”