Sam’s memory is kept alive by helping others

Sam Jennings
Sam Jennings

A five-year-old Cupar boy who died suddenly in 2009 has left a lasting legacy among children worldwide with a charity dedicated to his memory.

Donna Jennings was in the throes of setting up FLOC – For the Love of a Child – when her precious son Sam collapsed while on a family day out at Cairnie Fruit Farm.

Despite her grief, Donna felt it was right to continue to set up FLOC and it became a registered charity the following year.

The main aim of FLOC is to help improve the emotional and mental health and well-being of children affected by traumatic events. It also provides practical, financial and social resources to help alleviate poverty, improve health and provide education.

A dramatherapist, Donna also believes in the power of stories to help children unravel and overcome difficulties in life and to help them understand the world around them.

She published her first book, ‘The Listening Stone’, at the end of 2012, which forms part of a workshop called the Listening Stone Project, as well as raising funds for FLOC through its sales.

Money has been raised for the charity at events held throughout Cupar and beyond and has gone towards both local and international projects.

They include the Living Stones school in Okara, Pakistan, where FLOC has helped pay for textbooks and uniforms to allow the children to continue their education, and the Living Stones Water Project, also in Okara, which not only helps provide fresh water but also is helping to unite the Muslim and Christian communities who live there.

FLOC donations have also helped The Lighthouse, a transitional care centre in Afghanistan which provides support for women and children who have been victims of gender-based violence and other human rights abuses.

It’s run by the Hagar Project, which is carrying on the work of Sam’s House, set up in Kabul in 2010 but later forced to close.

“I’m hoping to begin to raise money for a new Sam’s House,” said Donna.

“We haven’t decided which location yet but once enough money is raised we can begin looking.

“We are hoping to raise £300,000 initially.”

FLOC holds its annual meeting tonight (Friday).

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