Samsung blades chart path from Denmark to Fife

The world’s longest wind turbine blades are officially making their way by road and sea from Denmark to Fife Energy Park in Methil.

The three blades, which each measure a massive 83 metres long, will form part of Samsung’s offshore wind turbine demonstrator.

Transporting them over 500 miles is no mean feat - nor was the task of making them over the past two years, said Flemming Sørensen, co-founder and managing director of Danish manufacturers SSP Technology.

“Development and production of the world’s longest blade is not done over night.

“It is an extremely delicate process that needs constant focus, testing and follow-up. In close cooperation with our customer, we have made sure that nothing has been left to chance,” he said.

The blades were transported last week on heavy load trucks from the production site in Kirkeby.

Then, from Esbjerg port on Denmark’s west coast, they will board special sea vessels for transport to Methil.

To see a video of the blades click here.