Sand and sea but no sun

Ross and Lauren Adam who are emigrating to America
Ross and Lauren Adam who are emigrating to America

IT seems more and more of us are getting fed up with Fife’s constant clouds and rain and are looking into emigrating to warmer climates.

A report by Global Visas, a company which helps people emigrate, has revealed applications are up 15 per cent from last year and claimed the number one reason given is the weather.

This week The Press spoke with a local couple who are swapping Burntisland for America in the next couple of months.

Ross and Lauren Adam, who are 24 and 25 respectively, tied the knot in 2011 having met whilst on holiday in Florida in 2010.

Ross comes from Fife and Lauren is originally from America, but tried giving married life a go in Scotland to begin with.

However last year they started planning to move to Maine, Portland, they say, for a better life all round.

Ross explained: “The scenery is beautiful in Maine, the quality of life is brilliant and the area is quiet.

“We have managed to buy a house already and there is enough room for kids and for when my parents come and stay.

“I work in social care which is a big thing in Portland so there are plenty of job opportunities.

“I also play ice hockey, a popular sport out there, so I hope to join the local team.”

The couple admit, like Global Visas revealed is the norm, the weather has played its part in their decision to emigrate.

They said they are excited by the idea of being able to take their children to the beach in the summer when the weather there is typically hot and dry, particularly as Portland sees an average of 1953 hours of sunlight each year compared to only 1500 hours in Fife.

Ross added: “When I move to the US, I will miss friends, work colleagues, and family but everyone is very encouraging about our move.”