Saved by the sales!


SHOPPERS have been flocking to the sales in Kirkcaldy High Street in their droves this week in a bid to pick up some post-Christmas bargains.

And the majority said there was a good choice on offer – and still plenty of money around to be spent!

Retailers too were delighted with the start to the sales, saying goods were “flying off the shelves” and sales were “up on last year.”

They also reported a last minute rush in the week leading up to Christmas, with many shoppers holding out for bargains as some sales started early.

At New Look in the High Street, manageress Vicki Young said the sale had been going “really well” since it started at 9 a.m. on Boxing Day.

“We have matched last year’s figure for Boxing Day which is always a good start,” she said. “On the Thursday and Friday before Christmas it was really hectic - a lot of people left it to the last minute.

“This was helped by the Advent Event we held with a different item each day marked down in price. We were very pleased with this.”

Spending power

Diane Johnston, River Island manager, said not as many people had come to the sales on Boxing Day, but those who did had spent lots of money.

“Christmas week was brilliant and we were really busy then,” she said.

“Boxing Day was fairly busy, but not as busy as before, but by Tuesday lunchtime things really started picking up.”

There were the traditional queues outside the Next sale ... at 6.00 a.m. on Boxing Day!

Gillian McCormick, manager, said: “We have a proper sale starting on Boxing Day and people know they can get a real bargain.

‘‘ Sales have been great so far and our childrenswear in particular has just been flying out the door, with all departments doing really well.

Sales up

“Our sales are certainly up on last year.

‘‘What I have noticed this year is that most people are paying with cash instead of cards.”

Brian Connell, lead bookseller at Waterstone’s said things were going “steadily” in their sale.

“We have had a busy last week or so and we have been quite busy since the sale started on Boxing Day,” he said.

“We are doing very well in games and things like football annuals and the Broons annual which are always popular.

‘‘We are pleased with the start of our sale.”