Wraith Rovers at Stark's Park
Wraith Rovers at Stark's Park
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SOME might say it wasn’t a first when a team of zombies took to the field at Stark’s Park last Saturday.

But it wasn’t for a Scottish Division One match, it was for filming of football comedy horror movie ‘Wraith Rovers’ - a hilarious tongue-in-cheek tale of an undead eleven bringing European glory back to Kirkcaldy.

The film will premiere at Kittys on the last day of the Kirkcaldy Komedy Festival - October 27, with its main characters featuring at the festival, including football comic Bob Doolally and Fife Comedian of the year Garry Dobson.

The man behind the festival and Wraith Rovers - Bob Carruthers, was happy with the day’s filming.

He said: “It went very well, we had about 200 people turn out and I think they had a ball.

“We have got some fantastic footage, we got more than we planned.

“The people that turned up were incredible, so enthusiastic. They were from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes. We even had a new dance called the Kirkcaldy Slosh, and we had all the crowd doing it. People certainly enjoyed the experience of being in a film.

“We’re now hoping to have it all in the can and ready for the festival.”

Bob hopes to make a locally-made film an annual part of the festival: “Kirkcaldy For All have done a lot of work to bring the festival to fruition, so we are hoping that businesses and people in the town get involved, that’s what last Saturday was all about.

“It’s a real testament to Kirkcaldy For All to have the ability to do this kind of thing.

“Every year now we would like to add a film to the festival, depending on how well-received Wraith Rovers is. We would like to do more in Kirkcaldy.

“We hope the comedy festival will leave a legacy and be a good advert for the town, that’s what we are trying to do – spread the word of Kirkcaldy much wider.

“You can’t take part in the Edinburgh Festival, but you can in the Kirkcaldy Komedy Festival.”