School pupils raise £1261 funds for foodbank

Sara Williamson with Ian Campbell and pupils. Picture: Fife Photo Agency
Sara Williamson with Ian Campbell and pupils. Picture: Fife Photo Agency

A group of school pupils have raised more than £1000 for a Fife foodbank, with a Run For Fun event.

S1-3 pupils at St Andrews High School raised £1261, after they walked, ran or hopped round a track for Kirkcaldy Foodbank.

Around 400 pupils took part in the event, which was stretched over a double period.

The school’s PE department played an instrumental role in ensuring that all pupils had the chance to take part.

The issue was first raised in Personal and Social Education by principal guidance teacher Sara Williamson.

She said: “It came to my attention that pupils in our school were using the foodbank.

“The event raised money, but more importantly it also raised awareness. After talking about the issues, the pupils realised that you just don’t know who could need the foodbank.

“It really could be anyone. The level of poverty today is unacceptable.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the pupils for their efforts.

“I’d like to say thanks to the parents and carers of the pupils who gave their support in helping to raise the funds.”

The pupils were thanked by Kirkcaldy Foodbank chair Ian Campbell.

He said: “What I really like about what the school has achieved is really wider than the fund raising, which viewed on it’s own is incredible and gratefully received by the Foodbank as we need such charitable enterprises to continue in our work, but the lasting value here is the fact that so many pupils were involved, and that they get a chance to consider and reflect on the fact that this type of poverty is unacceptable in our society.

“These are the exposures that in the long-run change the perception of what should matter in society.”

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