Burntisland new school sites
Burntisland new school sites

residents in Burntisland are being urged to tell Fife Council what they think about proposals for the town’s new primary school.

A series of public information session are planned in the town next week.

And letters outlining the plans for East Toll Park - the preferred site - and the benefits it will bring are due to be sent out to every household in Burntisland.

Controversy has surrounded the proposals since they were first aired, with residents split between the Toll Park and the Roundhouse at Lammerlaws next to the Beacon Leisure Centre.

The letter has been drafted by the school’s Parent Council which is supporting the Council decision, backed by local representative Councillor George Kay.


Urging everyone in the town to attend information sessions which will be held by Fife Council over the coming week, it explains why a new school is needed and where people can find out more about the proposals.

It states “The building at present provides unsuitable accommodation which fails to meet the needs of current educational practice and cannot meet the projected future numbers of children attending.”

It outlines various issues including:

l the school’s 600 pupils being unable to meet as a whole

l lack of hall space for physical activities, with the school having to fund trips to the Beacon and Toll Centre

l restricted eating space leading to long queues and staggered lunch times

l classrooms unable to accommodate maximum class sizes

l limited disabled access and access for delivery and emergency vehicles.

And it warns that refurbishing the current site could not meet the requirements of the increasing school roll.

“Any such scheme would cost nearly as much as a brand new facility and would disrupt children’s learning, as they would have to be decanted while building progressed.”

And it adds: “The already limited outdoor space available would also be reduced.”

The letter goes on to explain the benefits of a new school at Toll Park.

It states: “Our children will be educated in a modern, age appropriate, safe and secure setting which will facilitate the further development of Scotland’s new curriculum, a Curriculum for Excellence.”

It highlights improved disabled access, outdoor space for play and learning and a separate gym and dining hall, partitioned so that one large hall can be created for large events and school assemblies, as well as for use by our community outside school hours.

New plans

The plans also include two football pitches: one all-weather seven-a-side and one turfed which would also be available for community use out with school hours.

The existing play park will be moved to the other side of the site.

The letter outlines the various other sites which were considered by the council and why they were considered unsuitable.

It says that although the Roundhouse site was originally the favoured choice of residents, it was considered unsuitable by the council’s transportation department because of the road layout and by school inspectors who said it was too close to the busy East Coast railway line.

Finally the letter invites people to respond by filling out a consultation form to make their views known, concluding: “Our children and fantastic teachers work in a location no longer fit for purpose.

‘’We have this rare opportunity in difficult financial times to give them a building they all deserve, with purpose built facilities to serve both them and the wider community of our town.”