School stops teaching computing due to lack of teachers

Pupils at Lochgelly High will miss out.
Pupils at Lochgelly High will miss out.

A Fife school has told parents it will have to remove a crucial subject from the curriculum as they now have no teachers able to take the classes.

Lochgelly High School sent out the letter saying that they will be unable to teach computing to pupils after the only teacher capable left for another school.

The letter sent to parents

The letter sent to parents

And the letter from head teacher Carol Ann Penrose even goes as far to say that two previous attempts to recruit computer teachers had resulted in no applications received.

Despite a third bid to find a computing teacher currently under way, she states that as a result of the two failed recruitment campaigns, the schools does “not hold out much hope for much change this time”.

However, a spokesman for Fife Council said that it was a “national” problem.

Peter McNaughton, head of service said: “We are all aware that there is a national teacher shortage. Computing is one of the subjects that is particularly badly affected.

We have advertised twice (and are currently advertising again) for a computing teacher however received 0 applicants for the last two adverts and therefore do not hold out much hope for much change this time.

“Lochgelly High School, through a particular set of circumstances, has been left in a challenging position at short notice.

“We are actively seeking to recruit a computing teacher. In the meantime, we are taking every possible measure to ensure that any impact on our pupils is minimised.

“The head teacher and staff are working hard and creatively to seek solutions for the children affected by these circumstances.”