Schoolboy’s needle scare

Den Walk in Methil
Den Walk in Methil

A METHIL mum has hit out at “junkies” who have left her seven-year-old son with an anxious wait after he jabbed himself with a needle carelessly discarded in public.

The woman, who does not want to be named in a bid to protect her son from the possibility of being bullied in school, said he and a friend found two syringes at a pen near to Byron Court sheltered housing accommodation on Den Walk, while walking the short distance home from school last Thursday afternoon.

It wasn’t until around 7pm that evening, when his friend, a young girl, informed her mum the boy had injured himself on one of the needles, that the alarm was raised.

The mother said: “My friend’s wee girl had taken a needle home to her house and her mum phoned environmental health about 3.30pm.

“Later on, her wee girl, who had obviously been worrying about it, said my son had pricked his finger and it drew blood.

“I asked him about it and at first he denied it, but soon as I said there was a needle in his friend’s house, he admitted it.

“He showed me his finger and I phoned NHS 24 for advice. They told me to let him sleep and contact my GP in the morning, as they would put a tag on his file.

“I went up at 8.45am on Friday and they said he was to go back up at 11.30am.”

After returning to his GP, the boy was given a hepatitis B jag and will have to return for a further course of two treatments, then undergo more tests before being given the all-clear.

His mother continued: “The doctor said he should be okay but it’s basically going to be a wait for six months for the tests.

“I gave him a row when I found out and took the line that, if he thought his pre-school jag was bad, he would have to wait until he got blood taken and everything.

“He was crying, as he was scared, but I had to put the frighteners on him so he doesn’t do it again.

“He needs to go back for two more hepatitis B jags and the last one actually falls on his birthday but there is nothing that can be done about it, as he has to get them on time.

“I phoned the school to see if there were any talks that could be done there to tell the pupils not to touch needles if they find them, and they did one on Friday.

“It’s full of junkies here.

“Personally, I think they should all be shot.”