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Balwearie High School
Balwearie High School
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TWO of Kirkcaldy’s High Schools have told councillors how more of their pupils than ever are leaving school and going on to “positive destinations.”

The rectors from Balwearie and St Andrew’s High Schools told members of the Kirkcaldy area committee that in recent years a higher percentage of pupils were going on to jobs, university, college or to training.

Dr James More, head teacher at Balwearie, said that in the last three years the number of pupils leaving with a positive destination to go on to had risen from 88 to 95 per cent.

“In terms of that measure, there has been real positive progress, with approaching 50 per cent of our young people able to go on and enter some form of higher education.

“That’s a very good achievement for a school which sits at the national average in the deprivation index and school meals entitlement,” he explained.

Pat Callaghan, rector of St Andrew’s High told the committee that he was “very happy” with the achievements of his staff and pupils over the past year.

“I took the decision early on to invest more in proper support staff in recognition of the fact that a quarter of our students are entitled to free school meals and two thirds are from the more deprived areas of our catchment,” he said.

“Despite this we have one of the largest positive destinations in Fife.”

Statistics showed that at St Andrews the numbers going on to positive destinations rose from 85 to almost 96 per cent over the past three years.