Schools asked to sign up to next Monster March event

Castlehill Monster March.
Castlehill Monster March.

The Monster March fundraiser for children’s cancer charity TCCL Lodge is about to enter its second year and the charity is hoping even more schools in north east Fife will sign up.

The fundraiser for nursery and schools is being held to support TCCL, the charity which has been fundraising to renovate a property it has bought in St Andrews, and is turning into a holiday home for local children undergoing treatment at Ninewells Hospital for cancer and leukaemia.

The idea behind the event is for children to create a monster mask or tickle (TCCL) gloves either at school or at home and pay £1 to take part in a march around the school grounds on a date in March of the school’s choosing.

This fundraiser is aimed at not only schools and nurseries in the north east Fife, Angus, Dundee and Perth and Kinross areas, but also to youth groups including Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs.

The 2014/2015 event saw many Brownie and Rainbow groups across these areas get involved and help raise much needed funds.

TCCL Lodge chairperson Dr Rosalie Wilkie said: “We are aware that there are lots of requests for schools to take part in fundraisers but are hoping that feedback from last year’s event- that teachers liked the Monster March due to it being easy, fun and to the benefit of local children- will encourage schools and parent councils to make it one of the fundraising events on their calendar.

“Last year some of the schools set the crafting of the masks as a homework exercise making it even easier for the schools and teachers involved many of the children loved seeing their efforts in the Herald and Citizen.”