Science tasks at school roadshow

Kirkland High School.
Kirkland High School.

A ROADSHOW, held as part of Dundee Science Festival, stopped off at Kirkland High School.

The University of Abertay Dundee workshops gave S2 pupils the chance to try out a series of experiments linked to biology, chemistry and forensic science, including how scientists test for performance-enhancing drugs, how exercise affects the body and how police can use forensic science to identify a criminal.

Dr Alan Bruce, senior lecturer in food and life sciences at Abertay University, said pupils were asked to “get a grip on their heart”, by measuring heart rate and blood pressure before and after exercise.

There was also an attempt to ‘beat the cheat’, measuring mock urine samples from athletes to detect the presence of steroids.

‘Fast Fingers Freddie’ saw students handling false cheques and then using fingerprint methods to identify each others’ fingerprints and identify the criminals.

The pupils also measured the acidity of different foods from tomato ketchup and lemon juice to milk and fizzy drinks.