Scots are twice as likely to be sociable during the summer

Scots sociable in summer, study says.Scots sociable in summer, study says.
Scots sociable in summer, study says.
Scots are more than twice as likely to be sociable in the summer months than during the winter time, a study has found.

The research revealed that people being in a happier mood, as well as wanting to make the most of the lighter evenings and nicer weather means Scots are much more likely to head outdoors for some alfresco socialising during the brighter months.

This was in line with the country wide picture, which showed that Scots are twice as likely to make excuses to avoid a social event in the winter as they are in the summer.

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And when it comes to summer socialising, 80 per cent of people in Scotland rated good food as essential for hosting the perfect garden party. Close behind this was having a clean barbecue, with 60 per cent saying this was important, 59 per cent said the garden furniture must be clean for an outdoor event to get a thumbs up and 55 per cent of those surveyed in the region rated having plenty of places to sit and plenty of room to mingle high up on their successful garden party list.

Jenny Questier, from outdoor cleaning experts Jeyes, which commissioned the research, said: “Going out in the winter can often be unappealing, however, when you are offered an invite to a summer event, especially an outdoor one, it seems we are much more likely to accept and attend it.

“But even when we are at a summer gathering, it seems there are a number of bugbears that can affect our enjoyment of the event, including wasps and bugs, dirty or broken garden furniture, smelly bins or even pet mess on the patio.

“Keeping your outside spaces clean, fresh and looking their best has never been easier. Jeyes has developed a range of specialist outdoor cleaning products to take the pain out of tough cleaning jobs, so you and your guests can enjoy the summer in style.”

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The study, of 2,000 adults, revealed 72 per cent reckon they are typically more sociable during the summer months.

Between April and September, the average adult in the UK will attend six barbecues, parties and nights out a month - a total of 36 during that time.

Of those, 24 will be outdoor events.

However, this drops by a third to just four a month from October to March.

Across the UK ‘I’m ill’ was found to be the most common excuse used to get out of a social event, followed by ‘I’ve got something else on’, I can’t afford to go out’ and ‘I have to be in work early/late’.

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