Scots vice-ring mum escapes jail sentence

A Kirkcaldy mum who profited from the proceeds of a Scotland -wide vice-ring has escaped a jail sentence.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 5:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 5:40 pm
Ana Calder in Kirkcaldy following the decision today (Wednesday). Pictures by George McLuskie.
Ana Calder in Kirkcaldy following the decision today (Wednesday). Pictures by George McLuskie.

Ana Calder (36), admitted laundering almost £17,000 from ex-boyfriend Jose Barbosa who recruited prostitutes from Brazil to work his criminal empire across Scotland.

The operation - which drew in £150,000 from brothels scattered across eight towns including Kirkcaldy - was run from their modest flat near Stark’s Park football ground.

Barbosa - a Brazilian national who had a Republic of Ireland work visa - is currently serving a three year jail term.

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court yesterday (Wednesday) heard that Calder, who is also Brazilian, met Barbosa in 2013 after her marriage broke down.

Barbosa had begun a legitimate business letting out flats in Stirling but his interests in vice grew when he was approached by a prostitute looking for accommodation.

Defence agent David Cranston said: “Her [Calder’s] position is that Barbosa was a good partner to her.

“It’s often true that many people derive income from morally dubious activities but some of those people are still loved. It’s the case that Ms Calder fell in love with the wrong man.

Jose Barbosa

“The part she played was very different to the part he played. She had no active part in moving these ladies around or organising their activities.”

Calder had, however, knowingly allowed proceeds from prostitution to be “converted and transferred” into her bank account to pay for her day-to-day expenses.

“Of £150,000, only £17,000 passed through her account over a six month period,” said Mr Cranston. “Barbosa had other bank accounts.

“She shouldn’t have tolerated it but she did.”

The court heard Calder - who has a five year-old son - had reunited with her husband Lance when the vice-ring was smashed by investigators in 2014.

The couple live in Windsor and are expecting a second child in August.

Mr Cranston said: “There’s a chance there could be a happy ending for this woman socially.”

Sheriff James Williamson said “I’m prepared to accept Barbosa was the prime mover and Calder was used by Barbosa - but her role was not insignificant.”

Jose Barbosa

The offence could have carried acustodial sentence but Calder had co-operated, pleaded guilty early and had no previous convictions, he noted.

“It would appear to me that this was an offence that was manifest as a consequence of her relationship with Barbosa,” he concluded.

Sheriff Williamson imposed a supervised two-year Community Payback Order and 160 hours of unpaid work.

Recoverable assets amounted to £1.