Scottish Water meeting ‘critical’ says fed-up MP

The waste water treatment works
The waste water treatment works

MONDAY’s planned meeting regarding the Methil Ming, between Scottish Water and local stakeholders, is “critical”, according to local MP Lindsay Roy.

Mr Roy, who will attend the showdown talks, spoke to the Mail ahead of the meeting at Bayview Stadium, to re-affirm his desire for an end to the stench, which has plagued residents for a number of years.

It’s his, and residents’, belief that the smell is coming from Scottish Water’s Levenmouth waste water treatment works.

Mr Roy said: “Make no mistake, this is a critical meeting and I can assure residents I will leave the utility company in no doubt that enough is enough and it must live up to its responsibilities and deal with the Methil Ming now.

“Following complaints in March and April, I contacted Scottish Water to ask it to bring forward the next meeting planned for September.

“I found it astonishing that it said it could not identify one of the 29 complaints as emanating from the waste water treatment works.

“Quite frankly, this beggars belief.”

Meanwhile, a number of fed-up residents have contacted the Mail to say they will be taking no chances of Scottish Water not understanding their aggravation.

They plan to protest before the meeting, to show their disgust to officials.

Meeting outside the stadium at 9.30am, they plan to demonstrate with placards in front of the main entrance as staff from the utility company arrive.

Frances Brown, of Kirkland Walk in Methil, said she is one of those sick of the smell coming from the plant.

She told the Mail: “Twice last week and the week before, the stench was so disgusting we thought it was our dog and we threw her out of the room, before realising it was the Ming!

“It was really rotten.

“I phoned them (Scottish Water) up and they said they checked it, and they were within the limits.

“I think they need to knock it down. It really is disgusting when you smell it.”

Mr Roy, who started a petition, which received over 1000 signatures from people calling for action to be taken to solve the problem, said he was not surprised people were planning to protest.

He added: “The response has been incredible, with people quite literally queuing up to indicate their disgust with a situation which has gone on far too long, and I am not at all surprised that a number of them will give vent to their feelings before the meeting.

“I have already asked Scottish Water to provide a freephone number for people to make complaints, to base someone in the area to follow up complaints immediately, and that they check the settlement tanks and chimney stack.”