Screen star visits St Andrews school

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ST ANDREWS school pupils have been learning about the value of languages from a Scottish screen star.

Actor Atta Yaqub, best known for his lead role in the film ‘Ae Fond Kiss,’ spent a day at St Leonards promoting the benefits which studying languages can bring.

Atta, who speaks English, Urdu and Punjabi and learnt German for his role in the 2010 film Junctionpoint, said: “I’m very lucky that, with my career, I’ve had exposure to many different languages.

“Foreign languages give you an insight into culture and travel and make you more accepting of different perspectives.

“These students will be the next generation on the job market and having languages will give them an edge.”

Atta is also an education worker with the Show Racism the Red Card programme and is a representative for the Goethe Institut in the promotion of languages to young people.

He added: “It was a pleasure for me to come to St Leonards to engage with the pupils.

“They are very fortunate that they have access to languages and can make use of them.”

Oriana Kelly, teacher of Italian and French at St Leonards, organised for Atta to come to the school.

She said: “Pupils here are very lucky that they have the chance to study a number of different additional languages.

“The students were very appreciative of Atta’s visit, which gave them an insight into the practical use of languages and the invaluable role they fulfil.”