Seagull menace at peak in Kirkcaldy

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the winged menace has returned to the streets of Kirkcaldy!

It’s that time of year again when nesting seagulls are at their most ferocious and dozens of local residents and visitors have reported attacks in recent weeks.

From a pregnant woman having her chips snatched off her at the bus station, to children’s picnics being interrupted in back gardens and workers being swooped on in the High Street for their lunchtime sandwiches – nobody is safe.

And, although we can joke about the “winged terrorists,” it can be a very frightening experience, as many people have told the Press.

Dived bombed

Sam Cummins from Kirkcaldy said: “I was 35 weeks pregnant with my second son and had really bad cravings for chip butties.

‘‘My husband and I were down at the bus station in Kirkcaldy walking to check our bus time when a seagull dived down to grab my buttie.

‘‘It hit my head and I got the fright of my life. I was still feeling very jumpy as I had been attacked while on my phone a few weeks before.”

Ruth Smyth said: “Seagulls target my car and rubbish bags all the time. The car park is constantly strewn with torn bags and foodstuffs.”

Ross McComiskie from Kirkcaldy said he had been attacked at Kirkcaldy Crematorium last week.

Tracy Roza said on Facebook: “My daughter Demi was attacked at the bus station for her cheeseburger.

‘‘The seagull landed on her head, digging its claws in. She now has a very real fear of seagulls.”

And Andy Campbell added: “My kids had a picnic in their grandparents’ back garden yesterday and a group of seagulls turned up uninvited to help themselves!”

Sandwich stolen

Gillian Carscadden said: “I am sick of them hovering around and pooing on my clean washing. People should stop feeding them or they’ll keep coming back.”

Press reporter Debbie Clarke also had a close encounter with a hungry seagull in Kirkcaldy High Street.

She said: “I had just bought a ham salad sandwich and was heading along the High Street.

‘‘I was holding the sandwich in my hand when suddenly, out of nowhere, this large seagull swooped in over my shoulder.

‘‘It grabbed the whole sandwich out of my hand and flew away with it! I just couldn’t believe that it had no fear to come in that close!

‘‘It must have provided entertainment for the onlookers and I remember feeling very embarrassed as well as annoyed.”