Search for family of ‘Count’

Christopher Chatting who is searching for relatives in Methil
Christopher Chatting who is searching for relatives in Methil
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An avid East Fife fan and former Fife resident, who now lives in Essex, is keen to trace any remaining family he may have in the area.

Christopher Chatting (68) was born down south, but his mother Elizabeth Ferguson was from Methil, and her father - Christopher’s grandfather - Tommy was known to many locals at ‘The Count’ - “He was a bit of a ladies man!” said Christopher.

He made the trip back to Fife to live in Glenrothes between 1973-1984, but sadly Christopher now suffers from the debilitating condition fibromialga and is unable to travel the long distance back to Fife.

As a child, he remembers visiting relatives in Methil in 1952, and distinctly recalls his Uncle Jimmy Ferguson, a miner, living at 52 Morar Street.

“I’ve tried to write to that address, but haven’t heard anything,” said Christopher, who is still an avid East Fife fan.

Uncle Jimmy went on to have eight children and although Christopher doesn’t recall all of their names, he does remember Jimmy, Sadie and John, who went on to own a B & B in the East Neuk.

“I have always felt at home in Fife, and always felt that these relatives are still family,” said Christopher.

Anyone with any information is asked to email or call 01268 546157.