Search for war hero pilot’s family

John William Hayton
John William Hayton

Steve Hayton from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire has contacted the Press to ask if any readers might have information to help him with research into a book he is writing about his late uncle.

John William Hayton was a Lancaster tail gunner in the RAF during the Second World War and sadly, was lost without trace on an operation to Berlin on September 4, 1943, flying from RAF Grimsby.

The pilot of that doomed mission was Eric Bertram Harvey from Kirkcaldy (service number 161482), son of Eveline and Bertram Hardy.

Steve would like to make contact with any possible surviving relatives of Eric Harvey with a view to including his story in his book.

Steve said: “I have already written much about my uncle but would love to extend the story to members of his crew.

“Unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of Eric Harvey but if there are any of his relatives still in Kirkcaldy, or if anyone knows of their whereabouts, I would be very grateful to hear from them.”

If you think you may be able to help, contact Steve by e-mail at