Seascape scene brings art wall to life - now for Mach’s sculpture

The first part of Lara Greene's Art Wall goes up at Morrison's. Pics: FPA
The first part of Lara Greene's Art Wall goes up at Morrison's. Pics: FPA
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Work has finally begun on installing the first of two pieces of iconic artwork aimed at transforming the western gateway to Kirkcaldy.

The first pieces of an “Art Wall” by Innerleithen artist Lara Greene have been put up on the wall of Morrison’s supermarket at the A921 Kinghorn Road and Bridge Street road junction.

The installation, a seascape scene comprising aspects of the area’s past from the linen and ropeworks to the seafront and church and made from a variety of materials, will provide a distinctive entrance to the town.

However a spokesman for Morrison’s which is providing funding for the artworks said that the huge sculpture being created by world renowned, Methil-born artist David Mach, would not be installed until into the new year.

This work will involve a huge piece of metal tack covered driftwood in a wave/fishlike shape taking pride of place at the west end of the town’s prom “to punctuate the Esplanade with a high quality, inventive and individual piece of art work.”

Both pieces were commissioned by Morrisons, which celebrated its first birthday this week, as part of the conditions of its planning consent.

Various proposals were brought before a panel of local judges last October, with the panel including representatives from Kirkcaldy4All, the Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions group and Fife College, choosing the successful pieces.

Ruth Moore (75), a resident at Seafield who was involved in the process, said: “It would have been nice if they had been completed and in place for Morrison’s first birthday, but it is nice to see the first piece started,” she said.

“I don’t think the supermarket will seem quite complete until these are both in place.”

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of Kirkcaldy area committee, said: “I am thrilled that the first part of the art sculpture project on Kirkcaldy’s seafront is set to be unveiled. A truly unique piece of artwork will be a real talking point for those arriving in Kirkcaldy and can only further enhance the newly regenerated area along the Esplanade.”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We’re very glad Lara Greene’s fantastic art wall has now entered it’s final stage. We wanted to make a cultural commitment to the town as well as a commercial investment, and this art wall plays a strong part in that.

“Of course, this is only part of the art installation coming to Kirkcaldy. David Mach’s sculpture is still in the process of being finalised, and we hope it will be installed in early 2015.

‘‘Unlike a retail development, art can’t be created to a strict timetable. Morrisons commitment to Kirkcaldy is not for the short term, and that’s why we’ve let the artists work at their pace to ensure the art which is installed will last the test of time.”

Artwork reflects Kirkcaldy’s past

Both sculptures will reflect the important role the sea has played in Kirkcaldy’s history, with their nautical themes.

David Mach’s towering wave/fishlike structure will reflect the light on the metal tacks on its shoreline site, while Lara Greene’s Wall Art also tells of the industrial past of the area with its linen mills and rope works which stretched along the front of the area where Morrison’s now stands.

Both pieces will use a variety of materials including steel, rope and wood in their compositions.