Season tickets a big hit in new Kirkcaldy parking charge trial

Shoppers and workers are taking advantage of the parking charge trial in Kirkcaldy's town centre. Pic: FPA
Shoppers and workers are taking advantage of the parking charge trial in Kirkcaldy's town centre. Pic: FPA

Organisers of Kirkcaldy’s town centre parking scheme trial say they are pleased with the response so far.

The joint venture between Kirkcaldy 4 All and Fife Council is offering cheaper parking until the end of March in a bid to entice shoppers back to the High Street.

And Bill Harvey, BID manager at Kirkcaldy 4 All says there has been a big uptake on the season ticket offer, which gives drivers the chance to park all day in the long term car parks for just £1 a day.

“We are really pleased with that,” he said, “And certainly the car parks are looking busier and fuller.

“Our hope is now that people are taking advantage of the trial and that it’ll spread by word of month.”

Bill says there was an issue in making it clear which car park season ticket holders could use on the BID’s website, but it had now been resolved.

He said: “If you click on the link on the Kirkcaldy 4 All website then it will take you to the application form for a season ticket.

“When you download the form it gives you a list of the long term car parks. We apologise if this has caused any problems up until now.”

Cllr Neil Crooks, chairman of Kirkcaldy area committee said there had been a “positive response” to the trial, but he wanted to see all car parks in Kirkcaldy, both short and long term, open up to all vehicles during the trial.

“At the moment the Postings car park can only be used for short term parking,” he said.

“When Tesco was still open that car park was the busiest in the whole of Fife and was the biggest earner for Fife Council.

“At the last meeting of Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions we talked about having at least part of it available for long term parking during the trial.

“I’m confident that if we could do that it would certainly give a boost to the number of season ticket sales and that’s something I’m pushing for.

“The message I’m getting at the moment is for that to occur, we would need to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order, but that would take seven months to come through and I would like to see this dealt with quickly.

“When you deal with Fife Council in these sorts of matters they have a lot of legalities which have to be looked at. My argument is that they should be putting them aside for the duration of this trial because there’s no point having the Postings car park sitting empty.

“There are people working in the Town House, along Hunter Street, down on the High Street and students at the college who have all said to me directly that they would definitely buy a season ticket if they could park there, so hopefully we can come to an agreement quickly.”