Second area of radioactivity found in Dalgety Bay

Mr Brown beside the area of radioactivity

It has been revealed a further area of radioactive contamination has been found at Dalgety Bay.

Concern has mounted over recent months after radioactive particles ten times higher than previously found, were discovered at a beach at the town.

Dalgety Bay was home to a former MoD base during the war. The source of the radiation is believed to be from the clinker dumped at the area, after aircraft were destroyed and burned. The luminous dials were coated in Radium.

However, a second area of contamination has now been discovered at the area’s Crowhill Wood.

In the wake of this discovery, local MP Gordon Brown has tabled five urgent question to the Ministry of Defence.

He said: “I’m demanding new answers on Dalgety Bay and a timetable for MOD plans for taking action to answer the worries of local residents about radiation contamination.

“I have asked the minister to make a statement on the Ministry of Defence’s acceptance of liability for remedial action in relation to radiation contamination at Dalgety Bay.

“I have also asked him to name all current or former Ministry of defence sites where radiation contamination has been identified.

“I have put these questions down because it is reported that surveys have recently been carried out of the land and foreshore in the vicinity of Crowhill Wood away from any location from where contamination has previously been found.”

The MP added: “It is right therefore that Crowhill Wood is included in the Ministry’s scoping investigation that they are carrying out and I believe work has been carried out recently. But I have put the questions in the way I have because there is even after the last MOD letter, as yet, no admission of liability and indeed only a mention on helping and informing the expert group on remediation criteria.

“They have yet to agree they will be funding remediation works I understand that the expert group has a timescale which is open ended. This is unacceptable, bearing in mind that SEPA has given the MOD a deadline to come up with a remediation plan by the end of March or else, they will set the wheels in motion to designate the foreshore as contaminated land. For some weeks now I have been asking for a meeting with the Secretary of State.”

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